FiS Projects with Various Community Foundations

Our knowledge of community foundation vendor software requirements began in 1985 and were an active vendor until 2000 and actively consulting since then. We have developed an in-depth knowledge of the various product offerings from MicroEdge’s FIMS, Blackbaud’s Raisers Edge, Financial Edge, Fusion Labs’ GrantedGE/Spectrum, Foundant’s CSuite, GLM and SLM, Bromelkamp’s akoyaGO and other vendors serving community foundations. Our work with foundation management and support staff creates, implements and refines effective technology solutions and related business processes.

  • Community Foundation of Elkhart County 2019-current: vendor options analysis
  • Community Foundation of the Ozarks 2020-current: vendor options analysis and selection , data cleanup and pre and post conversion support
  • Community Foundation of Greater Tacoma 2020-current: vendor options analysis and selection, data cleanup and pre and post conversion support
  • Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo 2021-current: vendor options analysis and selection, data cleanup and pre and post conversion support
  • Foundation For The Carolinas (FFTC)

    In 1987, Foundation For The Carolinas (FFTC) needed to switch to a new fund accounting business process. FiS had set up their GRATIS system at the Chicago Community Foundation two years earlier, and later, they wanted to use GRATIS on a Microsoft Windows networked platform. FiS committed to converting their existing Convergent Technology system to a Novell-networked, PC-based platform.

    FFTC needed to offer fund options to their clients to satisfy various investment liquidity requirements. FiS adapted experience from designing pension-participant accounting to multi-pooled fund accounting and added it to their GRATIS software. Since then, FiS has served in many technology planning and implementation roles.

    Assess how a long-term relationship with FiS has paid off for Foundation For The Carolinas.

  • Grand Haven Community Foundation
    Project Background and Engagement

    Grand Haven was in the middle of a FIMS-Blackbaud conversion and needed extra help to complete the project for yearend processing. The retirement of the Director of Finance in the 1st quarter of the new year was an additional constraint. Nonetheless, the job had to be done with the following key steps to take:

    • Assessment of Conversion State and Outstanding Tasks
    • Project Plan Review (Completing the Conversion and Becoming Operational on the New Software)
    • Development of a Conversion Completion Plan and Foundation Staff Training
    • Negotiation for Project Completion with Other Project Vendors
    • Audit of All Data Conversions and Reconciling These with the FIMS, Blackbaud, and Foundation’s Audited Financial
    • Closing of the 2013 FIMS Books and Continuance of FIMS Into 2014 When Blackbaud was Operational
    • Recommendation of Changes to Undiscussed or Unimplemented Conversions
    • Training of a New Director of Finance


    Read the CEO’s and Director of Finance’s comments about their experience with FiS.

  • The Community Foundation (TCF) of Richmond, VA
    Project Background and Engagement

    TCF has been a FIMS client for almost 20 years, a period when they experienced substantial growth and challenges in serving their changing client community. Management concentrated on ensuring optimal alignment and effectiveness of its key software and technology resources to serve the Foundation’s continued growth. However, with evolving donor needs, TCF wanted to review all technology platforms comprehensively. In line with this, the following steps were adapted:


    • Analysis of the Foundation’s Back-Office Software Options
    • Review and Analysis of Current Business Processes
    • Recommendations of Changes and Adoption of New Solutions
    • Direction of the Foundation’s Project Team Activities
    • Analysis of Current Vendor Solutions and Related Technologies
    • Recommendation of Changes to Business Processes
    • Recommendation of New or Replacement Software Solutions
    • Development of a Three-to-Five-Year Technology Strategy and Related Budget Considerations
  • Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, FL
    Project Background and Engagement

    Tampa Bay has used Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge since the late 1990s. However, they have struggled with their cafeteria of software solutions that were not installed and configured to boost their ability to use it effectively. Below are the actions carried out:


    • Review and Recommendation of Business Processes and Data Coding
    • Review of Options and Assessment of Vendors in Adopting a Donor Portal
    • Analysis and Proposed Revised Design for General Ledger
    • Vendor Review and Selection Process
    • Assistance in the Adoption of a New Donor Portal Solution
    • Proposal and Assistance in the Simplification of Financial Operations
    • Addition of Capability to Support More Client Investment Options
    • Conversion of Existing Financial Data to New General Ledger Configuration
  • San Antonio Area Foundation, TX
    Project Background and Engagement

    Under the leadership of Jason Mata, the San Antonio Area Foundation (SAAF) Information Management Officer, FiS completed a total server transition. This project involved moving the server infrastructure from a remote site into the foundation’s new offices. Kamin Associates supervised the hardware implementation, which also transitioned the foundation to a new cloud-based IP phone system.

    The project began with thorough planning sessions with all parties and culminated in a smooth and successful transition in under 24 hours. SAAF has engaged FiS to work on different data and business process projects.

    See what Jason had to say about working with FiS.

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